Experience The Options Trading Difference

Experience The Options Trading DifferenceExperience The Options Trading Difference

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Program Info

Mentoring consists of personal one to one teaching.  This is done live with sharing screens and recording the sessions for you to keep. 

You will have a total of 12 sessions with me one.  Each session will be approximately 1 hour.  When your personal mentoring is complete, we will  touch base, as needed, while you proceed with your Options Trading Business.

Topics & Material we will Cover

The material we cover together will depend on your initial level of expertise. For instance, if you are an intermediate trader, we may spend one session reviewing the rudimentary basics and then move into more advanced material.  If you are a beginning trader, then we will cover everything from the basics through advanced.

The Goal of your Personal Coaching & Mentoring

My goal is to equip you with the knowledge you will need to trade in all market environments.  We will reinforce your strengths and firm up your weaknesses. Not only will we cover the mechanics of Tactics and Strategies, we will also address and work on the Psychology of Trading.

Live Trades

 We will design and manage live trades during your program. As we know, doing is the better part of learning.  

Additional Bonuses for You

Mentoring clients will receive access to all the pre-recorded courses I offer, plus access  to my live trades, complete with commentary and screen shots of the positions.  Further, you will get access to over four years of our recorded trading room archives where I teach students live with recordings.  These bonuses alone are a $3,000 value.  And you get it all as part of your Coaching Program.  

Your Investment

The price of the Mentoring program is $5,500.  This is an investment you will make in your own longevity and success.  

Trade like the Professionals....You have it in You