Managed Accounts - Information and Procedure

Professionally Managed Accounts


Option Elements offers professional investment account management for sophisticated investors who are seeking to earn income and equity growth in their accounts. 

Tony Sizemore is the Option Elements primary trade manager and places trades in the client accounts using Equity Index Options as a strategic vehicle. 

Option Elements uses proprietary trading tactics developed over many years of trading options in the U.S. major markets. These tactics consist of complex spread strategies designed to earn income from the value of options sold in conjunction with price appreciation of options purchased. 

Most of the strategies used are short term in nature using Options that have expiries of 5-70 Days. The main markets traded are the S&P 500 Index and the Russell 2000 Index. 

The management's performance goal is 3%-4% yield per month on the client’s capital balance. 

For performance history, please call me.  While past results are not indicative of future results, our strategies and tactics continually adapt to changing market conditions to produce the best results possible.


The client establishes an account with Interactive Brokers. Your account is then linked to the Option Elements master account. I make all the trades for you.

I, nor anyone one other than yourself, has access to the funds in your account. I can neither add funds to the account nor remove funds from the account. The only permission we have is to open and close trades in the Client account. 

We charge a performance fee of 22% of the net profits generated in your account, after any transaction costs charged by Interactive Brokers.  If there are no profits, then there is no performance fee owed. We charge no other fees associated with the managed accounts. 

The "high water mark" for your managed account will be the account value, after the performance fee is deducted. As an example, if the account grows from $125,000 to $135,000 in one fiscal period (month), the performance fee of $2,200 is deducted leaving the account at $132,800. That amount becomes the new "high water mark". This is fair and standard. 

Using the aforementioned example, there would be no subsequent performance fee due until the account accumulates a value greater than $132,800 because the performance fee associated with that gain has already been paid.

There is no contract period at all and if a Client wishes to cancel our agreement you can do so at any time. 

My goal for returns is 3-4 percent per month (on the total capital in the account) or roughly 36% - 48% per annum.  Performance fee disbursements are made on a monthly and sometimes bimonthly basis.

In the client member's area of our website, the client can see previous performance going back four years, complete with graphs and commentary. In addition, any managed account client will receive a deep discount on courses or mentoring should they wish to pursue continuing education. 

Customer Accounts are always segregated with Interactive Brokers, whom we use exclusively for our trading and management platform.


Contact Me

Please call me and I will be pleased to talk with you.

Tony Sizemore - Principal Wealth Manager

Option Elements