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Condors and Butterflies

All about Condors and Butterflies.  Option Trading.

This course teaches the use of the traditional structures as building blocks and also many exciting variations of the Strategy & Tactics. 

Diagonal and Calendar Spreads


Time Spreads such as Diagonals & Calendars, can give you the edge in a low implied volatility environment.  Learn them in this course.

Trading the Weekly Options


Weekly Options are an exciting tool to use in your Strategies & Tactics.  Use them as a hedge or to enhance the potential profitability of your trades.

Combination Strategies


Take your Options trading to the next level.  Learn to trade like a professional and get the edge by combining Strategies & Tactics.

Managing by the Greeks


Learn how to manage your Options positions using the Greeks to your advantage. Make friends with Delta, Gamma, Theta & Vega.


Your questions answered. 

All 5 Courses Available to You Now !

These Courses represent the Total Approach you need to reach your Goal as a Long Term successful Options Trader. 

Courses are offered as a bundled suit because each course builds on the previous.  A well rounded trader must know all the information contained in this suite.

In addition, you get the Free Mega Bonus of over 4 years of my Live Trading using these exact methods including -        Real Time Analysis and Commentary of Positions at the time

Screen Captures of the Options Matrix and Graphical View of the Positions

The date and Time of when positions were Started, Adjusted and Closed

Also other Tools you will find very helpful in your Options Trading

You will have Access to the Members Area for 12 months where my Current Positions are updated periodically.

Invest in Your Success.

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