Managing Options by the Greeks - Course Description

Course is 10 sessions.  Each session is approximately  1.5 hours long.

Downloadable recorded Videos in MP4 format with companion PDF documents.

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Gear Up

  • What you will accomplish managing options positions using solely the Greeks.
  • Learn the details and the function of the Greeks.
  • How to determine the proper relationship  of the Greeks to one another.

Learn to use Multiple Tactics

  • Discover how to use Delta, Gamma, Theta and Vega to your advantage.
  • The use of Gears are like riding a Bike.  Know how to use them for maximum performance.
  • Learn to use small adjustments to govern larger positions.
  • Get your game on.  You're there now.

You're ready for the Next Level


  • Managing your positions using the Greeks is particularly agreeable when you have multiple strategies in the same underlying asset at the same time.
  • Trading Nirvana must be managed by the Greeks.

The end Game

  • Pilots of airplanes don't rely solely on Visibility, and neither should you.
  • When you finish this Course, you will be a master at using the instruments to navigate precisely.

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