Combination Strategies - Course Description

Course is 10 sessions.  Each session is approximately 1.5 hours long.

Downloadable recorded Videos in MP4 format with companion PDf files.

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Trade Options Like a Professional

  • What is a Combination Strategy?
  • Difference between a Strategy and a Tactic.
  • Problems with Singular Strategies.

Find the Keys

  • Iron Condors versus Combo’s.
  • Butterflies versus Combo’s.
  • Calendars versus Combo’s.
  • Combinations of Ratio Spreads, Debit Spreads and Calendars .

The Tools for Success

  • Combinations of Debit Spreads and Iron Condors.
  • Combinations of Butterflies and Vertical Spreads.
  • Combinations of Butterflies, Credit Spreads and Calendars.

Knowing the In's and Out's

  • Controlling the Greeks.
  • Consolidation of Strikes.
  • Proper sequence for entering and exiting multi-leg Combinations.

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