Trading the weekly options - course description

Course is  10 sessions.  Each session is approximately  1.5 hours long.

Downloadable recorded Videos in MP4 format with companion PDF documents.

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Develop a clear Vision

  • Weekly Options Foundations
  • Difference between a Strategy and a Tactic.
  • What Vehicles to use when Trading Weekly Options.

Creating Income

  • Using the Weeklies for Income Trading.
  • Using Weekly Options for Directional Trading.
  • Using Weeklies to Control Margin.

Strategy Adjustments

  • Iron Condors & Strangles.
  • Butterflies.
  • Calendars (the time traveler).
  • Using Weeklies with Combinations .

Reach your Goals

  • Automatic Trades using Rule Based Strategies.
  • Ways to incorporate Weekly Options into your Strategies.
  • Controlling the Greeks.

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