Diagonals & Calendars - Course Description

Course is 7 sessions.  Each session is approximately  1.5 hours long.

Downloadable recorded Videos in MP4 format with companion PDF documents.

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Behavior of Time Spreads Revealed

  • Taking the mystery out of Time Spreads and benefit from their advantages.
  • Learn why Diagonal Spreads & Calendar Spreads can be much better than Condors or Butterflies.

Gain the Edge

  • Discover how Diagonal Spreads and Calendar Spreads can be “Vega Adjustable. 
  • Learn how to use the “Weekly” options for Diagonals and Calendars to gain the edge.

The Greeks - Your Advantage

  • Methods to control the “Greeks” and manage your position like the Professionals.
  • Discover the “Time Traveler” that I use to gain the edge.

Proper Set Up and Exit

  • Know when to  enter and when to exit, so you don’t show up at the party too early,  or stay too late.
  • How to determine the proper strike selection and expiry cycle.

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