Trade Options Without Having to Monitor the Markets or Make Trading Decisions

Follow a professional retail options trader, Tony Sizemore,
as he trades his live accounts and teaches you how he trades!

Check out Tony's Options Trading Room

  • See exactly what option trades Tony is making in real time
  • Eliminate the guess work and indecision in your trading
  • Trade like a professional, with a professional
  • Stop spending hours trying to design and manage your option trades
  • Get a full-time professional trader as your partner
  • Tony does all of research and market analysis for you

We can't guarantee any one month will make money, so don't get discouraged if you lose the first month.

Tony WILL have losing months! (gasp..)

Hey, it happens.

We hate it as much as you do but traders like us have to just deal with it. Despite losing occasionally, Tony does very well overall. Here are his returns from his audited brokerage statements for the TASC article a few years ago:
SMS and Email Alert Stamp

  • 2006: +64.9%
  • 2007: +119%
  • 2008: +41%
  • 2009: +20.1% through April

Since then, Tony has continued to trade well, averaging +4 to +5% per month. Here's Tony's recent trading results with his $50,000 Reg T live account and his $125,000 Portfolio Margin live accout:


Month P/L Yield
March 2013 $4,100 8.20%
February 2013 $2,815 5.63%
January 2013 $659 1.32%
December 2012 $3,488 6.98%
November 2012 $6,935 13.87%
October 2012 $4,277 8.55%
September 2012 ($3,100) -6.20%
August 2012 $2,139 4.28%
July 2012 $2,454 4.91%
Net Gain $23,767 47.53%
Monthly Average $2,640 5.28%   13.4 times the monthly Reg T Subscription!
Annualized Gain 63.38%


Month P/L Yield
March 2013 $7,800 6.24%
February 2013 $5,996 4.80%
January 2013 $6,476 5.18%
December 2012 $10,825 8.66%
November 2012 $4,994 4.00%
October 2012 $9,912 7.93%
September 2012 $2,600 2.08%
August 2012 $8,215 6.57%
July 2012 $3,884 3.11%
Net Gain $60,702 48.56%
Monthly Average $6,744 5.40%   17.0 times the monthly Portfolio Margin Subscription!
Annualized Gain 64.75%

Here's what a few Options Trading Room members have said:

“Tony is a very good trader.”
Randolph R.
“Nice Trade Tony!…$3,320 on max margin of $26,790. YEE HAA!”
Joe G.

Here are a few details of the Options Trading Room:

  • Tony meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00 pm U.S. Eastern Time
  • The meetings are about 45 minutes, but can go longer
  • Tony tells you what he's thinking about each trade. What he's planning on doing, depending on what the market will do.
  • You DO NOT have to have option analytic software, but it is HIGHLY recommended if you want get the most out of the class
  • Tony conducts research on adjustments and trading strategies and presents these to you! (this saves you a LOT of time...)
  • When Tony makes any trades, he sends an email and SMS message to you BEFORE he makes his trades.
  • Tony answers your questions live so you can learn while watching him trade!
  • All meetings are recorded and archived. You don't have to be in the meetings live.

Stick with Tony for enough time to give the Options Trading Room a fair chance.

We know you won't be disappointed if you do!

Canceling is easy

If you decide the Options Trading Room isn't for you, just send us an email to in your first 30-days to cancel and we'll be glad to

stop your subscription. You don't have to have any reason or explanation.