Learn all you need to know about managing a 10k account with Weekly Options.  And as always, we teach with Real, Live examples.  

The Cost of the entire Course is $497.00 

What this Course will Teach you

Are you frustrated with trying to build your account?

When do I start trades?
When do I exit them?
What adjustment rules to follow?
When do I use the weekly options?
What are the best strategies for my account size? 

All these questions and more will be answered in this course.  

With Real, Live trade examples traded in my own account with Real Money.

  • How to manage contract sizes to scale up.  In order to build an account you must have profits & increasing trade size.

  • How to use simple "money management" principles to control your risk as you build your account. 

  • The tools to charge enough to fund your lifestyle, your goals and your dreams without charging so much that it turns people away

  • The proper way to use Credit Spreads, Condors, Butterlies and Time Spreads.  And how to know when you should use them.

  • How to get the best fills on your orders.  Different order types and ways to minimize slippage. Sometimes trades don't get filled at your prices.  We show you how to know when to move to different strikes to accomplish the same thing.

Learn at Your Own Pace

  • Live classes are Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm Eastern Time
  • All classes are recorded for you to download and keep
  • Download PDF files of the slide presentations
  • Live trades updated in real time for you to follow
  • Get email and text notifications of  real-time adjustments
  • Get 1/2 price off our Options Trading Room
  • See 2 years of trades from our trading room archives